Activities, Trekking and Guide Services

Morocco has a lot to offer, but for the most adventurous people and for the ones that like to see nature and local culture on a different level, mountain treks and trail activities are indeed a great choice.

The untamed Moroccan mountains are famous for leaving visitors in awe. Trekking or hiking in these magnificent mountains will definitely dazzle you, making you feel like you are a part of an entire ecosystem still untouched by human hand.

Bassou Chabou is a certified mountain/desert guide and offers you unique escapades into the mountain and the Sahara.

Mountain Guide

Bassou Chabou provides all mountain/desert guidance through the best trekking activities around the mountain regions of Massif Marqui, Toubkal, Saghrou, High Atlas, Anti-Atlas and the Taroudant region.

You can also choose our own tours:

  • The Southern Circuit
  • The Almond Circuit, "Le circuit d'amandes"
  • The Safflower Circuit, "Le circuit de carthame".

Bassou Chabou is a certified mountain and desert guide by the Training Centre to Mountain Experience & Mountain Guiding, in Morocco, and also has a 2nd diploma from the CENTER of EDUCATION of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of HIGH-ALPS, CRET, Briaçon, in France.

Desert Guide

Bassou Chabou is also a trained guide with desert experience, providing trips and excursions to the Sahara desert, as well as camel rides and desert orientation.

Moroccan natural sights are riveting, with a variety of landscapes that make for the perfect get away from the major urban centres, where you will feel that you have seen the unseen, experience the inexperienced.

The Sahara is the world's largest hot desert, almost as large as the United States. The Sahara is located in northern Africa and it is 2.5 million years old. Bassou will take you to and guide you through this amazing site. You can enjoy a Bivouac in the desert, camel rides into desert oasis or experience the different landscapes Sahara has to offer, from sand dunes to great Hamadas and black volcanic cobalt tracks.